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Want to start a home business but don’t know where to begin? In this podcast the Trigger Sisters discuss how they turned a wacky idea into a business during a family trip to Marillee’s house. They discuss how they developed their popular multiplication program Times Tales, had it printed at a local copy shop, and by the end of the three-week visit, had made their first sales on Ebay. This is an uplifting story and encouragement for others wanting to try a home business

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The Trigger Sisters Discuss:

  • Marillee discusses how a short conversation about the correct way to tackle the times tables turned into Jennie sharing her wacky story method she came up with to teach her boys their facts.
  • They discussed how they developed the program in complete chaos surrounded by eight children and all the noise that comes with them.
  • Marillee talks about how her husband was almost in tears laughing at how silly we sounded coming up with the Times Tales stories. He said, our business might make enough to each buy a coffee mocha.
  • They discuss how the very first copies of Times Tales were pen drawings they copied at the local copy shop with a $60.00 initial investment in the business.
  • Jennie discusses how word of mouth by moms on message boards were their grass roots advertisers and they would not have a business today if it wasn’t for those moms.
  • How Jennie was shocked to see the very first sales the first day Times Tales was listed on Ebay
  • Jennie discusses how they were surprised to discover that their program was highly successful for children with learning disabilities.
  • The sisters discuss how over the past 17 years they developed and refined their Times Tales program and learned along the way about operating a thriving educational publishing company.
  • How their company has grown to a niche of providing unconventional, visually-enriched learning products for children.


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